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  1. What are some up and coming "Big Deal" titles?
  2. Death Note anime
  3. Flashback eps are The Devil
  4. Final Fantasy 7 is a cheap knock off of BERSERK! Discuss...
  5. Wow . . . . I can alsost hear the crickets in this forum . . .
  6. Fansubs (resources, personal opinion, legality, etc)
  7. Samurai Champloo Question...
  8. Any Cthulhu anime movies?
  9. HOLY CRAP: Ouran High School Host Club
  10. NOEIN is now on dvd
  11. saylor moon
  12. GitS: Innocence question
  13. Is Full Metal Panic any good?
  14. I want to download some episodes from my fav shows . . .
  15. Great.. so now I'm into "live action" as well..
  16. It's so sad. Today I went to a book store and.....
  17. Nihon-go no sureddo
  18. How do u become a super sane?
  19. Anime-isms creeping into my daily language.
  20. Top 5 Favourite Anime Movies.
  21. wierd/unique animes suggestion
  22. out of all the character in the naruto universe...
  23. They restart the naruto story yet?
  24. Woo yah Digimon!!!!
  25. Give Pumpkin Scissors a try
  26. The Top 9 "New to Me" anime series that I've seen in 2006.
  27. Winners of the Macady Post in GD!!!!!!!!!
  28. Anime Conventions, Anyone?
  29. Death Note is proof there is a God and that he loves u
  30. Tite Kubo - Bleach
  31. Karas
  32. Manga Volume
  33. Gantz
  34. Hellsing: Ultimate Volume One
  35. Ninja Scroll: Movie vs Series
  36. What the hell is Coyote Ragtime?
  37. Peorth fans rejoice! AH MY GODDESS s2, "Sorezore no Tsubasa" licensed!
  38. I reckon Tony Blair has a power level of 5500...
  39. Naruto is a great show
  40. HARUHI SUZUMIYA official licensing announcement coming Thursday.
  41. Bus Stop
  42. What are the Bloodiest, most Violent and Nudity-filled anime series?
  43. Catbus
  44. GunGrave
  45. Black Lagoon... it's what you need.
  46. Trinity Blood..suggestions..
  47. Underrated Anime/Manga
  48. Anime sux
  49. So Afro Samurai looks very promising
  50. Code Geass is pretty good
  51. Welcome to the N.H.K
  52. I'm so disappointed in anime!!!
  53. Show us your anime/manga shelves!
  54. very interesting one...
  55. So I just started watching Elfen Lied...
  56. Geneon's got a GUESS THE LICENSE contest!
  57. Anime box sets
  58. What are the most pathetic, badly animated examples of anime in existence?
  59. Comments on: Death Note licensed
  60. Title of a old movie
  61. Why "Anime" Forum?
  62. Bleach 1..11... mind.....blown....
  63. Anime episode/movies and moments that made you go: Holy ****!
  64. GITS movie
  65. So I am about to watch Cowboy Bebop for the first time...
  66. Bleach Jump Festival: Cool little special..
  67. Recommend me something unlicensed
  68. Well... I FINALLY got around to reading Akira.
  69. What's with English words appearing in Anime Theme Songs?
  70. Who is your favorite Saiyuki character?
  71. I need a Berserk fix
  72. Eureka Seven
  73. Introduce me to some new good to great anime series
  74. Chinese Cate:Crystal Pumpkin Pie
  75. A few Favorite Movies/Series
  76. Anime Cliches that make you want to kill someone
  77. Amerime/Frenchime
  78. Fist of the North Star question
  79. J-dorama!!!
  80. My Top 20 Funny-*** anime