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Originally Posted by mooveeluver0731
yea....WILD speculation! That couldn't be possible because they obviously hadn't implemented the Avengers program yet, according to ol' Nick Fury himself. Secondly, what reason would they have to plant the shield there? Third, some scientist created that shield in the books. I highly doubt event Tony Stark can create an indestructible shield on the level of what Cap uses.

Other than that and the fact that her name is "Pepper", this news makes me want to go back and see the movie all over again just for that scene.
Yeah, pretty wild speculation I wanted to rationalize it somehow.

Thanks for the heads up on Pepper's name. I'm sleepy at the moment. I corrected my post.

In general, the scene is so fast that you'll practically blink and miss it. If you were my friend asking me, I would suggest against seeing the movie just for that scene. It is definitely neat that it's there though.

During this second run, I kept an eye out for other things. Probably the only other thing that I caught was a clever foreshadowing early in the movie. When Shane and Stark are standing in front of the Arc Reactor after Stark returns from captivity, Shane says "we build weapons; we're iron-mongers". A reference to he becoming the villain later in the film.
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