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Originally Posted by Dunbar
The meanest people in the world come out when Costner makes a film. You guys really get off ragging on a film just because he's in it. Jesus, grow up.

It is actually possible that this is an entertaining comedy and from what I've read, they do make is somewhat plausible that our election comes down to one vote. And in case you are all too young and too stupid to remember 2000, it came down to 586 votes which then made it come down to a Supreme Court ruling of 5-4 -- ONE vote.

And the truth is, too many drunken idiots vote in this country. Just look at the nutcase whose been in the White House for 8 years. People actually voted for this menance!

Anyway... the movie sounds funny. But, since it is Costner, there will be all those people like you guys that come out of the woodwork to say awful, immature things just so you can feel smart.
so this yokel is a part of the supreme court?

EDIT: And maybe you should read once and a while. This is about one man deciding the presidency through the popular vote. There is no way that could ever happen. At least, not in our political system as it is today. Even if there was a tie, as had been stated, it would either go through the House or the Supreme Court who would then rule instead. In no way shape or form, is this **** applicable. Also, no one is bashing Costner in here. We are bashing how ****ing stupid this premise is.

You probably want to see Beverly HIlls Chihuahua too, don't you?

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