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Rosemary's Baby
(1968, Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Dir. Roman Polanski)

From the beginning, I was absolutely drawn into Rosemary's Baby, thanks in large part to the tour-de-force performance by Mia Farrow. The rest of the cast is also excellent, but it success for me, depended on the portrayal of Rosemary. The character of Rosemary is very nuanced. She is eager not to offend anyone, which causes conflict as her instincts tell her something is going very wrong within and around her. The film excels in having very dynamic character relationships, especially among the foursome that is Rosemary and her husband and their superficially benign, but rather 'nosy' neighbors. We see as these three other individuals, with smiles, make Rosemary comply with their desires.

The film builds its suspense in incremental ways, with bits of horrific images intruding - a death, a nightmare that may be real. The cinematography is gorgeously framed, as in the above image.

Rosemary's Baby owned my attention until the ending, which unexpectedly disappointed. I don't think it was the concept of the ending that let me down, but rather the execution. I wasn't expecting gore, which would have been out of place, but I was expecting the creepy, permeating atmosphere to stay until the last frame. Instead, I felt the atmosphere suddenly cave as the truth was revealed. Nonetheless, the film is so good throughout, that I still give it a 9.5/10

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