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Mail Order Wife
(2004, Andrew Gurland, Eugenia Yuan, Dir. Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland)

My reaction to dark satire and comedy is a lot like my reaction to dark chocolate. I like dark chocolate, but once my friend offered me a piece of 80% dark chocolate and I found it entirely too bitter and had to admit that I was more of a Hershey's Special Dark level of dark chocolate. All this to say, Mail Order Wife was overall a bit too dark of a satire for me. I could barely watch it at times, especially near the beginning.

I did like how the film thoroughly exposed the self-righteous Andrew as being little better than the cretinous Adrian. And I did really love the scene where Lichi is defending her collection of pig paraphenalia to Andrew. Andrew says, "Aren't dogs cuter than pigs?" Lichi: "No." "Aren't puppies cuter than pigs?" Lichi hesitates, then consents that puppies are cuter than pigs - - but piglets are cuter than puppies. All the while she has one of those plastic stick toys where you can open and close an animal's mouth and of course hers is a pig - and she gestures with it during the entire scene. Now that was hilarious, and probably the time that I was most in tune with the film's level of dark humor.

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