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Kubrick would probably get my vote as the best filmmaker to ever live. I consider 2001, The Shining,and Eyes Wide Shut 4 star movies. 3 and a half stars for Dr. Strangelove and A Clockwork Orange. A solid 3 stars for Lolita, Barry Lyndon, and Full Metal Jacket. Thats all I've seen from him thus fur.
Escape Plan  ***
Gravity  **1/2
Sabotage  ***
Godzilla  **1/2
Edge of Tomorrow  **1/2

her  **1/2
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit  **1/2
3 Days to Kill  **1/2
About Time  **
Veronica Mars  **
Survival of the Dead  *1/2
Life Itself  ***
Runner Runner  *1/2
Maniac (2012)  **
Bigger Stronger Faster  ***
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