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Originally posted by Mrs. Allison
If I remember correctly (and I may not), TCM did a documentary showcasing the Dogville Shorts and featured many of them as one of their monthly themes, "Dog Days" -- interspersed with other canine stars.

About a year ago they did a night's worth of programming showcasing some their shorts series, including Robert Benchley, Bobby Jones teaching golf to the stars, and the Dogville Comedies, so I was finally able to get the nine of them complete and all on one tape.

The Dogville shorts are alternately funny and just a little creepy.
I was creeped out by scenes in only one or two and that's because the dogs looked abused - despite two sites I found that said they were well-handled and cared for. "Who Killed Rover? is a very well-done spoof of the horror/mystery genre and I'm sure it was inspired by The Bat Whispers (1930). (This is the same Mary Roberts Rinehart story we all saw as The Bat with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead in 1959; but it was also filmed in 1915 and 1927; and Rover came out the same year as Whispers.) Anyway, one dog is kidnapped and tied up in some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption with a knife tied to the pendulum of a clock; each swing cuts a deeper into a rope holding a huge weight over the dog who is tied up, gagged and strapped to a chair. Oh! The suspense!!. The dog was struggling and the gag actually looked painful, because the pooch couldn't close his mouth, and the ropes had him in a very awkward upright position. I'm a member of several animal welfare groups and volunteer a few days a month with a local vet clinic, so although this is one of my favorites, I can't watch that particular scene. Also, the dog is not rescued in time and is killed by the weight (quick edit away here); the "cop" tells the "wife" that her "husband" has been murdered and she screams and passes out. The last five minutes are something I'd definitely not let kids watch.

NOTE: What really creeps me out are mannekins - and it must go back to that Twilight Zone episode with Anne Francis where mannekins have one day each year to live and move about in the real world, but must return when their time is up. There are a couple of commercials airing now (one for a car) that use mannequins and they are very unsettling to say the least.
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