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Originally Posted by fartherhill
Critics: 06%
COTC: 02%
Users: 39%

Little Man will most likely wind up being one of the worst movies of the year.
I cringed when I saw the trailer for this movie at the local theater. What they've done is taken the head of a man (one of the Wayans) and superimposed it on a small boy's body (or a midget, I don't know) to make him look like a baby.

It's about as stale as those damned Sprite commercials with the talking black doll. I think people are starting to get sick of black comedy and its shallow depth. That's why so many of the Wayans movies have flopped.

Date Movie (unrelated to this topic, but still of the Wayans influence) was borderline garbage. Scary Movie and its sequels were pretty funny. Little Man? I can smell it from here and it's not even out yet.
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